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Battlestar and EXIT tomorrow

Live Arcade flutters eyelids.

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Microsoft has said that we will be treated to both Battlestar Galactica and Exit on Live Arcade tomorrow.

The first is a space combat game for 800 points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.30) that is based around some sort of telly show that Tom watches. Apparently you get 10 missions as well as various multiplayer maps to fly around on, where you can be either Cylon or human and blow up to seven other friends out of the sky, er, void.

Those of you who use a PC for gaming can get hold of it today for USD 9.99 on the official website, and will be puffing your chests out with up to 16-player online space battles.

Exit, on the other hand, is a remake of a PSP puzzler that was actually very good. The idea is to guide a character called Mr. ESC out of various platform-scenarios without being flattened by obstacles on the way. You also get to rescue hostages like that one out of Speed.

The Live Arcade version will cost 800 points, has 220 levels to get through and shiny new HD graphics, leaderboards and Achievements to swoon over. Pop over to our Exit PSP review to see what you are in store for.

You may also notice that Ellie's favourite game UNO has had a little nip and tuck. It now has support for Big Button Pads otherwise known as the Scene It? buzzer peripherals that are a little like those in PS2 quiz game Buzz.

Plus, those of you with Live Vision cameras should also now be able to pick out other people with the hardware so that you can look at each other while playing a game, and Privacy Settings can now be displayed in-game at the touch of a button.

You can also download the third add-on pack for Bomberman Live as well as new bits and pieces for Pinball FX.

Look out for our reviews of Battlestar Galactica and Exit soon.

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