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BSG game for Live Arcade

Series may appear for download.

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Auran Games are working on a Battlestar Galactica for Xbox Live Arcade and PC, an NBC spokesperson has confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter, with both versions due for release in the autumn.

It will be a space combat game in which you'll play as either Cylon or human forces in single or multiplayer modes, reliving your favourite battles from the first two series. Continual updates such as new ships, storylines, multiplayer maps and missions are promised, though there's no word on initial cost for the download.

Sierra (the Vivendi label) will be handling the publishing, but was unavailable to comment at the time of writing.

"We wanted to bring a more intense combat experience to gamers," said Bill Kispert, VP interactive of NBC Universal. "From a story standpoint, fans will be able to relive key battles from the first two seasons of the show, and then we'll add new content and missions outside of that."

Whilst access to the considerable talent from the show has been granted, it seems there's not much space for it in this offering, with NBC preferring to wait until it can sink its teeth into a full next-generation offering at some point in the future.

"We love 'Battlestar Galactica' and we've had proposals to do another console game, but we haven't moved forward just yet," Kisbert said. "We feel that the show is so rich in mythology and politics and drama and story that when we do it, we'll take a full two to three years to do it right on next-generation consoles."

New gamer pics and and a theme pack turned up on Friday, and we could also see the first two seasons become available from Xbox Video Marketplace in an effort to drum up awareness for the ongoing third series.

"We have discussions going on with Xbox Video Marketplace about offering 'Battlestar Galactica' on that service," Kispert added. Off in the States, mind you. Where's our Video Marketplace, eh?

We'll keep our beady, alien-like eyes peeled for more information.

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