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Battlefield V battle royale mode in development - report

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Battlefield developer DICE is currently testing a battle royale mode for this year's Battlefield V.

That's according to a new Venturebeat report, which cautions that the mode still does not have the green light for release, and regardless will now not make it in time to arrive at launch.

Instead, the mode will arrive as a free update - if it does get the go ahead. Plans are early, the report states, and the work could be pushed back or dropped completely. Such is game development.

That publisher EA and DICE are investigating a battle royale mode for the pair's biggest shooter franchise comes as little surprise, due to the enormous popularity of the genre at present.

Just yesterday, Eurogamer sources confirmed reports that Battlefield's big rival Call of Duty would include a battle royale mode of some kind this year (as well as no campaign).

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EA is still to officially announce the World War 2-set Battlefield V, but its existance leaked out last month. Note how the V stands for both Battlefield 5 and the famous V for Victory sign.

Which other games will get a battle royale mode this year? Red Dead 2: Battle Boogaloo? Super Smash Bros. Royale? PlayerUnknown's Pokémon? Take your pick.