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Battlefield: Bad Company demo hits Live

Friendly fire it up.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Microsoft has gone blow-for-blow with Sony by whisking a Battlefield: Bad Company demo of its own onto Xbox Live Marketplace.

You may misconstrue that as us trying to drum up some drama around the issue because there is little else to say - not least because we knew about the 5th June demo release date at the start of last month. Talk behind our back if you like in the comments section down there.

Bad Company is the single-player spin on the Battlefield series. It has dark humour and Dan just said it was "quite fun" after playing it for what seemed like all afternoon and so he should be fired. It also has its own multiplayer elements in line with the series' previous strengths.

We've been told before that it aims to portray a realistic look at life behind enemy lines; comparisons to the Three Kings film are quite common, as are talk of YouTube clips of soldiers clowning around in Iraq and Ypres is that still relevant?

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