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Battlefield 2042 finally gets its first live service event, The Liquidators

Looks clean.

When EA released Battlefield 2042 almost 11 months ago, the promise of a live service Battlefield game filled brim with a constant stream of content updates was one of the key selling points.

In fact, the live service model was supposed to be used as a substitute for the traditional story campaign, where in-game events would fill in the lore of the new climate-change ridden world.

But all of that was postponed thanks to dire state of the game at launch. Now almost a year since launch and two seasons later, we finally have our first in-season event and new game mode.

Cover image for YouTube videoBattlefield 2042 | Season 2: The Liquidators Event Trailer

We don't know much about The Liquidators Event based on the 60-second trailer, but we did see the announcement of the new game mode called "Tactical Conquest" which is supposed to be more infantry-focused.

It's reminiscent of Domination, which was available in Battlefield 4 and is of course a stable of Call of Duty, and the Close Quarters expansion pack for Battlefield 3 (remember expansion packs?).

The Liquidators Event will take place between 11th and 25th October.