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Battlefield 1 open beta off to shaky start as EA servers suffer outage

Hacking group claims responsibility.

Battlefield 1's open beta launched yesterday, although many players have been left unable to connect to the game's servers.

EA's Origin online service fell over last night, the first evening the beta was live - although it doesn't sound like EA was at fault.

The company's online services have reportedly been targeted and brought down by a DDOS attack. A hacking group which has caused similar trouble in the past has claimed responsibility.

EA has been left fielding angry comments from players trying to connect, while Battlefield 1 players are left staring at this screen for hours:

EA apologised for the downtime and said it was working on bringing servers back online, but it's fair to say the situation did not go down well on Twitter:

Battlefield 1's servers still appear to be having issues - we just tried and failed to connect at the time of publishing this article. Many players have asked EA to now extend the beta to make up for lost time.

Our Ian "Gooblings Gamsers!" Higton got around 90 minutes of play in yesterday afternoon before the trouble started. Here he is:

Cover image for YouTube video90 minutes of Battlefield 1 Xbox One gameplay (Open Beta) - Eurogamer Wednesdays

"Battlefield 1 is like getting reacquainted with a lovingly restored antique," Martin wrote after some recent hands-on time with the game. "Everything that's old is new again."