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Batman: Arkham Origins fans are modding back multiplayer support

Sounds apeeling.

You might have forgotten Batman: Arkham Origins had multiplayer. Heck, it's been so long you might have forgotten Batman: Arkham Origins altogether.

But now, eight years after Oranges launched and five years after its multiplayer servers were switched off by WB Games, fans are working to get its team-based mode working again.

A new community-made mod, Arkham Origins Revival, restores multiplayer and also unlocks some additional single-player skins like Bruce Wayne's Formal suit. It can be found on Nexusmods (thanks, PC Gamer).

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Set in Blackgate Prison, Oranges' multiplayer mode featured two teams aligned to Bane and Joker, respectively. Power-ups let you be either villain, while you could also play as Joker and Robin.

Fans are also looking into the mode's cut content, with a goal to restoring some of this, too.

"If you wish to find new people to play online with or talk to the team about anything, the best way to do that is via our team's Discord server," the group wrote.

Finally, the new mod works with Oranges' set of original multiplayer achievements - meaning it's the only way you'll get those now.

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