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Batman: Arkham Knight - Riddler's Revenge, The Line of Duty, Detective Mode, Scarecrow

Our walkthrough explains how to finish Riddler's Revenge and Line of Duty missions, then get the next part of City of Fear underway.

Leave the parking lot and, once you're back in the rainy night air, follow the prompts to test out your newly-equipped afterburner. Be careful though - it's got a real kick to it. When you're ready to continue, head towards the waypoint marker and pass through the garage door that pops open as you explore the underpass.

Riddler racing

Investigate the Riddler's last known location

This prompts a surprise elevator descend down into the depths of Gotham, along with some suitably deranged banter from the Riddler himself. When the elevator comes to a halt, drive out into the tunnel and follow the on-screen instructions to override the Riddler's blockade and gain access to the first challenge. Hit accelerate and approach the starting line.

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Your task here is to complete three laps of the Riddler's crazy race circuit, all within the strict time limit. Take a deep breath, activate the blockade override as instructed, then slam the pedal to begin. Unsurprisingly, the course is packed with traps - and you'll need to use the blockade button to open doors and adjust platforms as you careen toward them, reshaping the circuit as you go. You also need to pay attention to your surroundings, looking for the arrow markers on the floor that help guide your around the track.

At certain points, the ground drops away completely and you'll need to engage your afterburner in order to thunder up and along the tunnel walls. You can even barrel along the ceiling if you're feeling particularly fancy. Be warned, however: the Riddler's mechanised race course changes shape with each circuit, growing ever more perilous as you go. Shift platforms, scale walls and beat the clock for all three laps in order to complete the mission.

Don't worry if you mess up: you can simply keep driving around for another go at the most recent lap course. When victory is yours, turn around, drive out the exit tunnel, and ride the elevator back up to Gotham's shadowy streets.

With that bit of excitement over, call up the mission select screen and activate the City of Fear quest to continue on with the main story mission.

Meet Oracle at the Clock Tower to help locate Scarecrow

You should be a dab hand at navigating the city streets by now, so begin the journey towards the clock tower, as indicated by the waypoint marker. Pull up when you reach the glowing mission point beneath the clock tower and disembark.

When you're finally back on foot, grapple your way up to the top of the clock tower, climb onto the slate roof, then enter the building when prompted. Inside, toggle Detective Mode and locate the glowing yellow bust of Shakespeare on the nearby bookshelf. Interact with it to reveal Oracle's fancy tech, then use the computer control panel in the centre of the room to begin your analysis of Scarecrow's fear toxin.

Use the Panessa Studios Antenna to pinpoint Scarecrow's location

Your next task is to adjust the antenna at the Panessa Studios so that Oracle can run a citywide scan for incriminating radio waves. Grapple up and out of the clock tower, then do a running dive off the edge of the building to reach the ground. Deal with any goons in the area, then summon the Batmobile and begin journeying towards the waypoint marker.

Rescuing Firefighter Leary-Wood

As you journey past Dixon Dock West, you'll intercept a radio message suggesting that some nearby goons are holding a fireman hostage. You'll need to rescue all of the firemen around Gotham in order to complete The Line of Duty quest so now is a good time to make a start.

Pull up by the Dixon Dock West gates and leave the Batmobile. Immediately activate Detective Mode and look up toward the guard tower to the right of the gate. Several thugs lurk inside, circling their hostage. Fling your grapple toward the glass window and smash on through to catch your opponents by surprise. Luckily, none of them are armed so it won't take more than a bit of fisticuffs to bring them all down. Once the coast is clear, interact with Firefighter Leary-Wood to complete your first rescue and earn yourself an upgrade point.

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