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Bandai Namco asks Tekken 8 players to please stop playing the cracked beta

Fist off.

Bandai Namco has issued warning to Tekken 8 players.
Image credit: Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco has issued a warning to Tekken 8 players still playing the now-concluded closed network test (or, CNT) through nefarious means.

Tekken 8's latest network test ran over the weekend, and provided those taking part with a taster of what's in store. But, of course, the beta's files were cracked, allowing some players to continue beyond the test period.

Perhaps understandably, Bandai Namco does not want this to continue and has now issued a warning to anyone playing a cracked version - saying that anyone continuing to play breaches both the game's terms of service and the Tekken World Tour code of conduct.

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"The unauthorised download or distribution of the game is illegal," the company warned on its esports Twitter handle.

It went on to state any player found to have had access to this cracked version of the beta on Tekken 8's release will be banned from tournaments. This includes the Tekken World Tour.

"Your cooperation in preserving the fairness and competitive integrity of our competition is highly valued," Bandai Namco closed. "Thank you."

Bandai Namco Tekken 8 warning statement
Image credit: Bandai Namco

We still don't have a release date for Tekken 8, but whenever it does arrive it will be available across PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Last month, Tekken 8's roster was partially leaked via an earlier network test. Players using Cheat Engine were able to get a sneaky peek at part of the upcoming lineup.

Whilst a number of characters had already been confirmed as returning, at least half a dozen names that popped up on Cheat Engine's list are yet to be unannounced.

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