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Bad Company 2 viral teases MW2

Video made by FRAGS this time round.

A new Battlefield: Bad Company 2 viral video has poked fun at genre leader Modern Warfare 2.

Infinity Ward released a Friends Against Grenade Spam (FAGS) viral in November 2009. It was swiftly pulled down amid internet backlash.

EA couldn't resist, and has shot a similar public service announcement-style clip (spotted by VG247), "Brought to you by Friends Really Against Grenade Spam."

The video stars CC Sabathia, who's a pitcher for the New York Yankees baseball team.

"I'm here today to talk to you about a random problem affecting all of us: random grenades," he says.

Behind him, a soldier tosses a grenade at a tree. Sabathia confronts him and is told that the soldier thought if he threw enough of "these here hand-bombs" then he was bound to get "a kill or two".

Sabathia puts him straight, telling him that in BFBC2 "grenade span isn't going to prove quite as effective as one might find in competing games of this particular genre".

The soldier doesn't listen and commandeers the camera, only to be shot to pieces by CC in an attack helicopter moments later.

"So remember, everybody - stay away from random grenades and stay safe, the CC way," he says, and flies off into the sunset.