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Avary talks Wolfenstein film

Toned down for big-screen.

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Hollywood director Roger Avary has been chatting about his big-screen take on Wolfenstein.

Talking to Ain't It Cool News, he said the film probably won't be the same as the games, but that's because he has real-life constrictions to worry about. As long as he remains true to the spirit of the game and blows things up - like Nazis - then he thinks we'll all be happy.

"Whenever someone whines to me about breaking canon...I remind them that the book, video game, or poem will always exist in its original form for their enjoyment, but that a movie has special needs and compromises that occur due to a variety of real-world constrictions," said Avary.

We're told there will be an over-the-top style with a pinch of reality, with most, but not all of the action taking place in the iconic castle.

But there's no word on who will be starring, although Avary suggests he's looking for less well-known European talent, and mused that "All one needs to do is look at the box art on the Return to Castle Wolfenstein game and you can see who I see in my mind for the role".

It's Jason Statham! Wait, no, Jeremy Irons! Oh we don't know. You try.

Avary's Wolfenstein film is due out sometime next spring. A release date for the Castle Wolfenstein game is yet to be confirmed, although we know it will definitely won't be this year.

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