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Imogen Beckhelling

Reporter Intern

Imogen is Eurogamer's reporter intern for 2019. She has an unhealthy obsession with indie roguelikes and has a cat named after her favourite animal crossing villager.

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FeatureOverwatch is coming to Switch, but cross-platform progression doesn't sound likely

"We're just not in a place yet from a technical or a business side."

Animal Crossing: New Horizons trailer shows off more idyllic island life

"A laid back, relaxing time in a haven of nature awaits."

Nintendo UK takes over as lead partner for UKIE "play-based" education scheme

"We aim to reach more teachers and pupils than ever before."

Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair comes to PC and consoles next month

Adding to the bat-ch of October release dates.

Reggie Fils-Aimé to teach at Cornell University in New York

"Regginator is going back to school!"

FeatureMan of Medan's Robert Craig on cinematography in The Dark Pictures Anthology

And the difference between "interactive films" and choice-based games.

Apex Legends' next character leaked at GameStop conference

As well as a brand new weapon and a Halloween skin.

Fortnite begins Borderlands crossover event

While Borderlands 3 releases in a Fortnite.

Pokémon Go's first gen five Pokémon appear next month

Plus details on Jirachi's arrival and Global Challenge Ultra bonuses.

Respawn CEO apologises for developer's comments following Apex Legends loot box backlash

"Some of our folks crossed the line with their comments, and that's not how we want Respawn to be represented."

PUBG gets cross-console play in October

"One of the most requested features since launch".

Every game announced in Nintendo's Indie World presentation

Including every release date we know so far.

It looks like Superhot is set for Nintendo Switch

UPDATE: Confirmed - out today.

Epic Games hit with class-action lawsuit over hacked Fortnite accounts

"Fortnite users have an ongoing interest in ensuring that their personal information is protected from past and future cyber-security threats."

An official Darksiders board game has been announced

It's a brand new story in the Darksiders universe.

New Rabbids game announced for Nintendo Switch

Though it's likely a China exclusive.

Respawn to reveal new AAA combat VR game next month

In partnership with Oculus Studios.

The next major Apex Legends event is scheduled for mid-August

"One of the most fan-requested features" is on the way.

FeaturePS4 exclusive Concrete Genie is a unique exploration of bullying's impact

"We hope it gives younger people a chance to share their experiences, and talk about them more easily."

Sony has now shipped 100 million PS4 consoles worldwide

The fastest console to hit the milestone.

Bethesda fixes issue where Doom Xbox 360 owners couldn't redownload game

Removed from sale following new version's launch.

Today's Rage 2 update will introduce New Game Plus

Along with some much needed quality of life improvements.

The studio behind Hand of Fate is closing its doors after nine years

"It is with sadness that we announce Defiant is ceasing development."

Mario Maker 2's course-upload limit has been doubled

And another upload increase is in the pipeline.

Overwatch is officially putting an end to the GOATS meta

UPDATE: 2-2-2 role lock and role queue confirmed.

GTA Online's casino has an opening date

Rockstar has finally shown its hand.

Mental health organisation outlines problems facing the games industry

Encourages developers to share their stories.

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