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Assassin's Creed Origins adds New Game Plus today, with a secret new reward

UPDATE: And the reward is...

UPDATE 21/2/18: Assassin's Creed fans have raced through Origins' New Game Plus mode to uncover the secret reward unlocked at the end.

(Cover your eyes now if you don't want to see it.)

After ploughing through the New Game Plus mode's story in around six hours - about 10 times faster than I originally plodded through the campaign - reddit user Najoray became one of the first in the world to unlock the new Mythical Warrior legendary outfit.

New Game Plus is available now via a free update - full details of which lie below.

ORIGINAL STORY 20/2/18: Assassin's Creed Origins gets its New Game Plus mode today and there's a new, secret reward for completing it.

The fresh mode lets you restart the game but keep your equipment, abilities, crafted upgrades, player level, XP and inventory intact.

Otherwise, the story is reset, as is your list of targets, quests, locations and papyri. The map will also become fogged, for you to discover all over again.

New Game Plus also bumps up the game's difficulty by a notch (so Easy becomes Normal, Normal becomes Hard, Hard becomes Nightmare, and Nightmare becomes... still Nightmare).

The mode will be installed in today's free update for Origins, which also includes the excellent combat-free Egypt Discovery Tour.

So, what could that secret reward be? Jacob's collapsible top hat from Syndicate? Shaun Hastings' sweater vest? Ubisoft is, for now, keeping schtum.

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