Destiny 2 - Gatekeepers encounter strategy

How to destroy the Gatekeepers and get one step closer to the end of the Vault of Glass.

The Gatekeepers encounter in Destiny 2 is part of the final phase of the raid once you've tackled Gorgon maze and the platform puzzle.

A lot has changed here since the original Destiny, but what hasn't changed is the essentials, and the layout of the room - and the goal of defeating the Gatekeepers so you can make it to Atheon.

For help with other encounters, see our main Vault of Glass guide.

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How to defeat the Gatekeepers in Destiny 2

This encounter has changed substantially since its time in Destiny 1. However, what hasn't changed is the layout of the room. It's a good idea to try and familiarise yourself a little with this arena now and its portal mechanics as it will be relevant for these last two encounters.


How the encounter's layout works

You will see the large crystal structure in front of you, with two portals on the left and right that are a little closer to you. Opening these portals is a two-step phase. First of all, you need to kill the Gatekeeper hydra, which you will see in the center of the room.

Doing damage to it will start the encounter. Once it is dead, you will be able to stand on the plates just a little behind the portals. After a short time, the portal will open. However, like when opening the raid, you have to stop Vex from touching the plate or the portal will close.

The portals will teleport you to two locations. One is a red desert-y room (which is the future) and a green jungle-y room on the right (which is the past). Decide on a name for these rooms so your team knows which is which.

There is a saying that I like to use to remember the correct portal positions. "There is no dessert left, but the jungle is alright.' (It's nonsense, maybe don't use this.) Ahem... but yeah, the red desert area is on the left and the green jungle area is on the right.


How to use the portals and the Relics

So, begin the encounter and kill the Gatekeeper. It's not that strong, so just beat it down. Once it is dead, it will drop the Relic from the earlier Templar room. Have one player pick it up. While this is happening, have two players opening up both portals and have one player enter each, one on the left and one on the right. The players in these rooms will have a Conflux they are trying to defend from encroaching Vex.

Eventually, a shielded Minotaur called a Descendant Praetorian will spawn. It will be immune to damage. The player in the opposite room will get a Wyvern which they can kill as normal. The player who sees the shielded enemy needs to call out their room.

The person holding the Relic will then sprint over and enter the portal. Only the Relic can break the shield so use it to take down the shielded enemy.

The player who entered the room will notice they have a debuff called Teleport Destabilized. It lasts for 45 seconds. While this is active, this player will be unable to travel through the portals. So, this now becomes a relay race.

After the first Praetorian is killed, the Relic holder needs to trade off the shield to the person who was defending and take their position in defending the conflux. The other player will pick up the Relic and run out the room. This player will then also get the debuff so will need to drop the Relic for somebody in the original room to pick-up.

The person who picks it up will then take it to the opposite portal as another Praetorian will spawn in there. That relic holder will run in, break the shield, kill enemies and then drop the Relic for the previous defender to then leave with.

Once out they will drop the shield for someone back in the original room to then take that to the other portal to break another Praetorian shield.


What the remaining players must do

For those back in the homeroom, your job is somewhat simple. You are mostly keeping Vex off the plates so the portals can remain open for easy access for those running the Relic around. Be mindful, there are a lot of Overload Champions, so make sure you have the corresponding mods on.

The timing should be as such that you can have four Relic runners and two people on the plates at all times, but it is a good idea to have those standing on the plates comfortable with needing to pick up the Relic and running it to where it needs to go just in case something goes wrong.

There is a wrinkle to be aware of here. The Gatekeeper will respawn from time to time, shutting the portals. To reopen them, kill The Gatekeeper. If there is a player waiting for their teleport debuff to countdown, it should be a priority for them, but those standing on the plates can help.

Once six Descendant Praetorians are dead, and no Vex have sacrificed, the two Confluxes in the portal rooms will disappear. All players should leave the portals and return to the main room. A third Conflux will appear in the middle of the room and all players should assist in protecting it.


The player who is left holding the Relic should continue to do so even after leaving the room. More Descendant Praetorians will spawn and the Relic holder will have to remove those shields so everyone can do damage to them.

There will be three waves of enemies, including Wyverns so everyone should be entirely focused on stopping any sacrifices.

Once enemies stop coming, you're good to go, and it's time for Atheon.

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