Destiny 2 - Gorgon maze route, platform and jumping puzzle explained

No combat doesn't mean no challenge - here's how to survive the Gorgons and some tricky platforming.

The Gorgon maze in Destiny 2 is home to several white, Harpy-style enemies called Gorgons who will kill your entire fireteam if they spot you moving among them.

Coming swiftly after the Templar encounter, this is a change of pace - and requires a lot of patience and co-ordination to make it through.

After that is a jumping puzzle, which is a deceptively fiendish descent towards the door of the final boss arena.

For help with other encounters, see our main Vault of Glass guide.

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Gorgon maze route in Destiny 2 explained

The Gorgon Labyrinth is relatively easy to understand mechanically. It is one of the few stealth sections in Destiny.

The Gorgons are hard to miss. They are the glowing looking Harpies that are patrolling the area. If they see you, they will alert and you will get a debuff called Gorgon's Gaze.


During this time you can kill the Gorgon, but it will take a significant and coordinated effort. They have a ton of health and if you don't kill the alerted Gorgon in a couple of seconds, it will wipe the entire team. Generally, just try not to be seen by them.

All you need to do here is get to the exit of the maze without the Gorgon's wiping you. The way to do that is to crouch walk around and only sprint if you are truly in the clear. Use your radar to try and track Gorgons you can't see.

Here's the route through the Gorgon maze in Destiny 2:

  1. To start, walk forward, hugging the left wall. At the opening of the cave, head across to the right wall. There will be a rock near it you can hide behind.
  2. Once there, look to your left. You will see a big rock. Wait until the path is as clear as possible and then run and jump onto it.
  3. Head up the rock and you will see a ledge you can jump to across from the top. Jump there and then turn right.
  4. There will be a rock you can jump to. Once here, you will be above the Gorgons. You will likely see a glowing cube behind you. Ignore that unless you are trying to get the secret chest.
  5. Turn to your right and then when the coast is clear, dropdown. The ground should incline down into an opening in the wall. This is the exit. You are now away from the Gorgons.

For a visual aid, here's some pictures showing the above route:


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Platforming and jumping puzzle after the Gorgon maze explained

Follow the cave through, until you reach a big ledge. You will see platforms spawning and despawning. They are pretty fast, so make a note of the pattern and timings. You are trying to reach the lit up ledges far below you on the other side of the room.

Just follow the spawning platforms across and then drop. You can actually make the jump after about the second platform by dropping and then using your jumps to get to the ledge. Just drop whenever it feels like you can make it across.


Once you land, just follow the narrow ledge across. You will eventually take a small drop to a platform and to your right there will be a big triangular door. Once your whole team is here, the door will open.

(Tip: If people on your team are not too fussed about getting there with you and you aren't on a flawless run, they can leave the party, leaving just those who are there. The door will open even if it is just one person.)

Now onto the Gatekeeper encounter...

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