Maag Halan is one of the many shrines located throughout Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Found in the Woodland region, you'll need to tackle The Trial of Wood challenge to complete it.

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How to start The Trial of Wood

After getting the Master Sword and speaking to Chio in front of the Deku Tree to get the The Korok Trials sidequest, you learn about the three shrines across the forest. The one we're discussing here is the one to the north east, The Trial of Wood.

To find it, locate Hestu (if you travel to the Korok Forest shrine, go under the root straight ahead, he is on the left) there is a wooden post that directs you to the trial by going up a secluded path going up a bank to the left.


At the end is Damia, who sets you the trial.

How to complete Trial of Wood and find Maag Halan

You'll be given a wooden sword, shield and bow (make sure you have space for each in your inventory) and tasked with reaching the shrine at the end. Unequip or break any item and the run is over.

Though there is one particularly tough part, the challenge is thankfully easier than it appears, especially when you remember you can still use your runes.

First, sprint ahead and turn the corner until you reach the crates, ignoring any and all enemies. Use a Bomb rune to blow a path through the crates.


Sprint ahead again, passing two fire Keese, and shortly after, an electro ChuChu and two undead enemies to the side with ice arrows. This is where things get a little difficult.

Sprint ahead to a swamp, but turn around and take down the nearest (right most, from where you originally came from) archer with an arrow of your own, as well as any other enemies on the ground, as you need to make sure you can cross the swamp unhindered from behind.


Use Cyronis to create a platform in the swamp, and climb the side. Emerge from the top when no projectiles are coming from the Octoroks head, and take them down with your bow. Continue in this fashion across the swamp, with an optional chest on the right containing a Forest Dweller's Sword to consider collecting.


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What follows is another swamp, with the shrine in sight. This is another case of using Cryonis to make your way to the end, though the central land mass here spawns some fire ChuChus, creating a gust of wind you can ride using your glider to the finish to make the job easier.


Once you reach the end, you'll complete The Trial of Wood quest and the shrine is yours to enter.

Like the other Korok Trials there is no challenge here. Collect the Giant Ancient Core from the chest then investigate the altar to get a Spirit Orb.

Don't forgot to complete the other Trials, Daag Chokah, and Kuhn Sidajj. Doing all three will give you some Hearty Truffles as a sidequest reward.

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