Yooka-Laylee Tribalstack Tropics Pagie locations - where to find Pagies in World 1

Locations and tips for getting your hands on every single Pagie in the tropical first world.

Collecting Pagies in Yooka-Laylee is, above all, your main objective. Most of your time is going to be occupied by hunting them down and completing the game's various challenges in order to find them, be they hidden around the open world or kept back as a reward for various tasks.

Here, we'll be going through how to find Pagies in World 1, with our guide to the Tribalstack Tropics Pagie locations for both the expanded and basic versions of the world.

If you need more help meanwhile, then consult our Yooka-Laylee guide and walkthrough for finding Pagies and other collectibles.

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Tribalstack Tropics Pagie locations - where to find Pagies in Yooka-Laylee's World 1

Before diving in, it's worth a quick note that we'll only be covering the unexpanded world's Pagies here (although we do cover every single one of those, at least!) - your best bet for collecting more after you've expanded the world is to unlock more abilities from future worlds, and come back when you're able to tackle even more of this one's puzzles!

Pagie 1: Nimble the cloud

The first Pagie you'll likely come across in Tribalstack Tropics is earned by beating Nimble the cloud in a race. You'll see Nimble in the area near the entrance part of the world, waiting for you to go have a chat.


Talk to Nimble to start the race and, if you win, you'll be awarded a Pagie. Our advice for this is to simply make sure you pick up the butterlies as you go - as long as you stay stocked up on enough energy to keep rolling, you should win the race!


Pagie 2: The Pagie Piece

To the left of the large, central, ruined temple, you'll see a small piece of a Pagie hovering next to an open Cagie, near the entrance to the forest.


Talk to it, and you'll be tasked with collecting three other Pagie Pieces from within the forest. Head back here when you have all three, and you're awared a Pagie yourself!

Pagie Piece 1 - turn left as you enter and circle all the way round on yourself to find this one.
Pagie Piece 2 - head to the back left corner of the forest on a slightly raised platform, where you'll find some barrels and crates. Smash them to find the Pagie Piece.
From there, turn back towards the entrance and you'll see two floating platforms. Hop across them for the third and final Pagie Piece.

Pagie 3: Rescue Clara

If you turn right after entering the world, you'll see a ramp up to a circular area, which houses a talking skeleton, Clara, inside a talking pot. Chat with her, and you'll be challenged with fending off 10 attacking corplets. Defeat all of them, and Clara awards you a Pagie - and points out one of the areas where the world expands, too.


Pagie 4: Race against the clock

Another race is nearby in this world, this time on a rock formation, the other side of the central temple to the entrance. You'll see the Pagie in a Cagie on a raised platform - to open the cage, you first need to hop on the button within the rock formation.


Then, you need to roll up the nearby ramps and through the hoops, in order, and within the allocated time. Do it successfully, and the Cagie opens, letting you grab the Pagie for your collection.


Pagie 5: Totems and Platforms (requires Sonar Shot ability)

First, you need to unlock the Sonar Shot ability from Trouzer up on the first floor of the central temple. Then, head to the entrance and, if you're entering the world, turn left. Head along the side of the rocks and you'll see a sleeping totem, next to a blanked-out moving platform.


Shoot the totem with your Sonar Shot, and the platform will become visible, and usable. Keep doing that for the various totems along the path of platforms and you'll soon be on a tall pillar, which houses a Pagie in a Cagie. Shoot the final totem there to open it up.


Pagie 6: Duke's Shooting Range (requires Buddy Slam and Slurp Shot abilities)

On the side of the temple nearest the world's entrance, you'll find a doorway to an inner room. Inside, you'll meet Duke, a posh corplet with a nice hat. He tasks you with first opening up all the lights to his room - done by heading up to the first floor of the temple, where Trouzer hangs out, and using Buddly Slam on the four square slabs covering the grates in the ground there.


Then, head back down into his room and take on his shooting range challenge. Hit all of the moving targets with snowballs from your Slurp Shot ability, and he'll award you his Pagie in a Cagie.


Pagie 7: Laser Turret Puzzle (requries Sonar Shot, Slurp Shot, and Buddy Slam)

As you look at the central temple from the direction of the world's entrance, to the right of it is a small structure with a Pagie in a Cagie on top, and a turret in front of it guarding what looks like a puzzle. First up, you need to head to the second floor of the temple - shoot the totem with Sonar Shot, then ride the platform up - and then eat a berry from the edge. Jump down, and shoot the turret with a snowball.


Then, you need to Buddly Slam on the tiles of the puzzle in the correct order - read the markings on the wall in front of you to get the order correct. The image below shows the final picture, once you've jumped on them all. With that done, the Cagie opens and the Pagie is yours.


Need more help? Our Yooka-Laylee guide and walkthrough explains how the retro-styled platformer works and how to defeat each boss. If you're after collectables, here's where to find all Mollycool locations, Ghost Writer locations, Play Coin locations, Butterfly Booster locations, Power Extender locations and where to find the secret Pirate Treasure locations. Meanwhile, our complete list of quiz answers will help you outsmart Dr Quack.

Pagie 8 + 9: Retrox's Arcade

First up, you need to find the Play Coin for Retrox's Arcade Machine. This is located in a small cave within the race track you would have rolled through in racing Nimble the Cloud. Head to the section of the racetrack at the opposite side of the area to the world's entrance, and then look for the part with a mound on one side, some ledges above it, and a small cave in the other.


The Play Coin is at the back.


Then, hop up those platforms that are jutting out above the mound, and you'll see the big neon pink Arcade Machine. Talk to Retrox the dinosaur there, and hop onto the machine to play it. You'll need to get round the race track in the minigame within 5 minutes to get the reward of a Pagie.


Do it again, but this time beat the high score of 2 minutes 30 seconds, to unlock a second Pagie!


When you're ready, you can take on World 1 Tribalstack Tropics boss fight with Rampo after expanding the world.

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