The Pokémon Go Easter Eggstravaganza event starts the day before Good Friday and lasts an entire week, introducing some tweaks to Egg hatching and double XP gains for the duration.

While it's currently unknown which rarer creatures (if any) will be easier to hatch, increased Candy drops from all eggs as well as a Lucky Egg sale means it's the perfect time to get walking, hatching - and spending.

When does the Pokémon Go Easter Eggstravaganza event end?

The Easter Eggstravaganza event will arrive in Pokémon Go on April 13th and will end on April 20th at the following times on each day:

  • UK: 9pm (BST)
  • Europe: 10pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US: 4pm (EST)
  • West Coast US: 1pm (PST)

Pokémon Go's Easter Eggstravaganza event detailed, including new 2km Egg list

Here's what changes during the Easter event:

  • Introduces new creatures in 2km Eggs
  • Increase Candy drops from all Eggs
  • Double XP increase, with Lucky Eggs doubling again for 4x gains
  • Reduced cost of Lucky Eggs by 50% in the store

The headline activity in this seasonal event is that a "greater variety of Pokémon" will start appearing in 2km eggs.

According to early reports on the Silph Road Reddit, it means certain Pokémon from 5km and 10km categories - including some rare creatures such as Aerodactyl and Lapras - will temporarily appear in 2km Eggs, including:

  • Aerodactyl (usually 10km)
  • Dunsparce
  • Eevee (usually 5km)
  • Elekid (usually 5km)
  • Girafarig (usually 5km)
  • Grimer (usually 5km)
  • Growlithe (usually 5km)
  • Koffing (usually 5km)
  • Lapras (usually 10km)
  • Lickitung (usually 5km)
  • Magby (usually 5km)
  • Miltank (usually 10km)
  • Onix (usually 5km)
  • Phanphy (usually 5km)
  • Rhyhorn (usually 5km)
  • Scyther (usually 5km)
  • Shellder (usually 5km)
  • Shuckle (usually 5km)
  • Skarmory (usually 10km)
  • Smoochum (usually 5km)
  • Sneasel (usually 5km)
  • Stantler (usually 5km)
  • Sudowoodo (usually 10km)
  • Tangela (usually 5km)
  • Tyrogue (usually 5km)
  • Wobbuffet (usually 5km)
  • Wooper (usually 5km)

Surprisingly, Gen 2 starters Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile have also started to appear in 5km Eggs. It's unknown whether either of these Egg changes will be around in any form once the Easter event concludes.

If you're curious, our 2km, 5km, 10km Egg hatching chart article shows which creatures hatch ordinarily and give us a taste of what to expect.

Want more help with Pokémon Go? As well as our Pokémon Go tips, tricks and guides page, you can look up the Gen 2 Pokédex on how to catch the most recent creatures, using Special Items such as the Dragon Scale and other methods. The update also introduced changes to Eevee evolutions, Egg hatching distances, best Pokémon, moves and Buddy distances. Elsewhere, you can read about how Gyms, promo codes and the Pokémon Go Plus accessory works, and the many ways of earning experience with our XP chart.

Pokémon Go Easter Eggstravaganza double XP bonuses with a Lucky Egg listed

One of the most important things to know is that, like the Thanksgiving event last year, Lucky Eggs will be twice as effective during the Easter Eggstravaganza event. This means instead of a traditional double XP increase, any XP gained will be worth four times as much.

For those who enjoy farming this is very welcome news, as if you use techniques to get XP fast - where you evolve lower Candy Pokémon one after another - you can easily receive 120,000 XP in a half an hour sitting.

Here's a list of all XP increases during the event, including the gains if you're also using a Lucky Egg:

ActivityNormal XP2x XP4x XP with Lucky Egg
Capture any Pokémon 100 XP 200 XP 400 XP
Catch a new Pokémon +500 XP +1000 XP +2000 XP
Catch a Pokémon with a Curveball +10 XP +20 XP +40 XP
Catch a Pokémon with a Nice throw +10 XP +20 XP +40 XP
Catch a Pokémon with a Great throw +50 XP +100 XP +200 XP
Catch a Pokémon with an Excellent Throw +100 XP +200 XP +400 XP
Catch a Pokémon on the first attempt +50 XP +100 XP +200 XP
Pokémon runs away 25 XP 40 XP 100 XP
Evolving a Pokémon 500 XP 1000 XP 2000 XP
Evolving a new Pokémon 500 XP (+ 500 XP) 1000 XP (+ 1000 XP) 2000 XP (+ 2000 XP)
Hatching a 2km Egg 200 XP 400 XP 800 XP
Hatching a 5km Egg 500 XP 1000 XP 2000 XP
Hatching a 10km Egg 1000 XP 2000 XP 4000 XP
Hatching a new Pokémon 500 XP (+ 200 / 500 / 1000 XP) 1000 XP (+ 400 / 1000 / 2000 XP) 2000 XP (+ 800 XP / 2000 XP / 4000 XP)
Interact with PokéStop 50 XP 100 XP 200 XP
Daily Bonus for PokeStop 500 XP 1000 XP 2000 XP
Daily Bonus for PokeStop on day seven 2000 XP 4000 XP 8000 XP
Daily Bonus for catching Pokémon 500 XP 1000 XP 2000 XP
Daily Bonus for catching Pokémon on day seven 2000 XP 4000 XP 8000 XP
Winning a Gym battle vs one Pokémon 150 XP 300 XP 600 XP
Winning a Gym battle vs two Pokemon 250 XP 500 XP 1000 XP
Winning a Gym battle vs three Pokémon 350 XP 700 XP 1400 XP
Winning a Gym battle vs four Pokémon 450 XP 900 XP 1800 XP
Winning a Gym battle vs five Pokémon 550 XP 1100 XP 2200 XP

And if you're looking to use a Lucky Egg or two, developer Niantic has halved the cost of all bundles during the event:

  • 1 Lucky Egg - from 80 to 40 PokéCoins
  • 8 Lucky Eggs - from 500 to 250 PokéCoins
  • 25 Lucky Eggs - from 1250 to 625 PokéCoins

The cost of a PokeCoin is dependant on which bundle you purchase; as is the case with most free-to-play games, the bigger the bundle, the more the savings.

With or without a Lucky Egg, you'll be wanted to catching and evolving as many Pokémon as you can during the period; remember a new creature will net you 1000 XP (or with a Lucky Egg, 2000 XP), as well as the increased rewards from spinning a PokeStop every day to get the boosted Daily Bonus.

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