If you want to give yourself a major boost in combat, it's well worth tracking down all of the Places of Power that are sprinkled around the world of The Witcher 3. You'll find each one represented by a stone edifice which is also marked with one of your Signs. By tapping each Place of Power, you'll boost the Sign it represents.

Not only that, but by working your way through these monuments you'll also receive a bonus Ability Point for each one you complete. As you make your journey through each region in the game, it's well worth taking the time to hoover up any you've missed before moving on, so you can make life easier for yourself in the later stages of the game.

All of the White Orchard Places of Power

- First of all, make your way to the Signpost marked Mill and then head north up the road to find a crypt. When you approach it, kill the wraith and make sure you loot everything around you before leaving the location.

- Head north from the previous Place of Power until you find the next monument in the woods. You must destroy the nest before you can tap the power boost, however.

- At the Cackler Bridge signpost, you'll be able to see the Place of Power to the north-east. Kill the ghouls to tick this one off your list.

- Go to the far south-east from the Abandoned Village Signpost, then kill the bear that stands between you and your next upgrade.

- The last one can be found north of the Sawmill Signpost, and requires you to kill a wraith.

How to find the No Man's Land and Novigrad Places of Power

- First, go to the Elector's Square Signpost and head to the north-east section of this zone. Avoid the guards while you finish your task.

- Head throw the woods west of the Downwarren Signpost, and keep your eyes peeled for the next Place of Power atop a rocky outcrop. Simply climb up to gain your bonuses.

- Go to the Lunrok Signpost and find the Place of Power at the base of the broken bridge, at the foot of the fort.

- Travel to the Frischlow Signpost and then head directly south towards the very bottom of the region. Be careful here, as mid-level wraiths wander all around.

- Head directly south-east from the Alness Signpost, and look for the Place of Power on a hill. Approach from the north to climb it safely - be ready to make quite a leap of faith while you're up there too...

How to unlock the Skellige Places of Power

- Go to the Svorlag Signpost, then head west and slightly north. Go up the mountain to find this next Place of Power.

- Take the Fast Travel option to Harviken, then head west before taking the road north after the Rabid Rock Troll's Cave.

- Head to the Yngvar's Fang Signpost, and find the next Place of Power a little way directly south of the marker.

- The penultimate Place of Power can be found at the very tip of the most north-western part of the Snow Giant's Arm.

- Go to the Gedyneith Signpost and find your destination directly east of this location, right on the coastline. You'll need to fight a cyclops to get your bonus power though...

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