Here's part three of our guide to all of the campaign missions available in Tom Clancy's The Division.

Napalm Production Site

This is a Cleaner-infested mission. Start by shooting the panel on the napalm tank from a distance - with any luck this'll take out or at least seriously injure the two stood in front of it. Clear the rest of the area and then head to the next checkpoint where there are more Cleaners and five tanks to destroy.

You can exploit the enemy AI here by not entering the central area and instead killing them from a distance. When the area is cleared and all the tanks are destroyed, Restock and activate the generator. Clear the next area - but keep an eye out for the sniper at the far end - then activate the next generator. Restock if needed, activate the detonator and hold the position for 2 minutes to blow the truck. Finally, eliminate any remaining opposition.

Head through the building, destroy the next batch of napalm, then Restock and take the elevator towards the final confrontation. There will be a couple of waves of guards and then a Boss encounter. If you position yourself on the balcony opposite the room he's in you should be able to deal a fair amount of damage in the first few seconds. Once he's down, you can hang around to take out the stragglers or simply head for the exit.

Subway Morgue

Follow the markers and eradicate the little clusters of Cleaners as you go. Activate the first relay, then continue through another group of enemies to reach the second relay. When you reach the substation, pick up the breaker and put it into the relay. Two waves of Cleaners will spawn.

Once they're gone, head into the large area to be greeted by three more waves of enemies. The second usually includes a few rushers, so think fast. You've got to carry another circuit breaker now, and as you cross the room several waves will attack. You're limited to using sidearms while carrying the breaker, so you may need to drop it a few times as you go.

Once the breaker is installed, Restock and head towards the end battle. This follows the usual formula of a couple of waves of increasingly strong enemies, followed by a Boss. Once peace breaks out, step into the elevator.

Times Square Power Relay

Head into the subway and take out the Rikers, flip the switch, then head outside. Wipe out two waves of enemies, then head inside the hut and hit the switch. Now you need to find the van. It's a white one with a green logo on the side, located on the north west corner of Broadway and 45th, and guarded by a few more enemies.

Carrying the parts limits you to using your sidearm, so you'll probably want to put it down if you come under attack. Once it's connected it's time for the final fight, which involves the usual waves of enemies and a Boss - a sniper this time.

Lexington Event Center

Eliminate the Rikers patrolling outside, interact with the hostage, and then enter the building. There's a room with a few enemies inside, and they'll be followed by two more waves before you can secure the hostage. When you exit the elevator, you'll need to clear the roof before rescuing the final hostage, and then it's time for a mini boss fight against a slow-moving opponent.

Once complete, head down the other elevator and fight your way through another few waves of Rikers, then open the door and head upstairs for the final fight. It starts with a couple of Elites, and when they're out of the way the boss will appear along with the standard waves of support units. You have JTF backup for this fight which can help a little, but don't rely on them to cover your back! Eliminate all the enemies to complete the mission.

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