Tom Clancy's The Division - Russian Consulate, Madison Field Hospital, Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint, Amherst's Apartment

How to complete the Russian Consulate, Madison Field Hospital, Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint, Amherst's Apartment campaign missions in The Division.

Russian Consulate

Here's the final part of our guide to all of the campaign missions available in Tom Clancy's The Division.

This is a tough mission. LMB are everywhere as you work your way towards your goal, and when you reach the server room the confined quarters can make escaping from danger tricky - getting up onto the catwalks can help.

Clear the room when you get there, activate the computer, and then hold off against a few waves of reinforcements including healers. On the way from there to the library, you'll come across several more batches of enemies, and the library itself will spawn a couple of waves including a shield carrier who can really only be damaged from behind.

When everyone's dead, talk to the Russian scientist then use the laptop to open the panic room. Head down the corridor, and back outside for a final showdown featuring snipers, engineers, and a Boss who's quite nimble and partial to lobbing grenades around.

When everyone is down, examine the Boss' corpse to end the mission.

Madison Field Hospital

Once the JTF officer has opened the barrier, enter the hospital and make your way along the corridor towards an open area. There are several patrolling enemies here, many of whom will try and rush you. When they're defeated, several more will appear.

Once the area is clear, head up the escalator, but be ready for an ambush. Three or four more enemies will walk through the door ahead of your position. Activate the computer when you reach it, then follow the markers to reach the upper area via an elevator.

You'll eventually reach a wide balcony, and on the side opposite you'll see a few enemies that you can either try and take out from a distance, or make a dash and confront them head on. More will emerge in time, but eventually the tide will be stemmed and you can talk to the hostages behind the bar.

This will trigger another influx of foes to eliminate before you can move on to the roof via a ladder to face your first Boss battle. Fight off a wave or two of ordinary foes and be prepared to act quickly if they rush at you - close quarters combat can be awkward here.

After a while, the Boss will appear armed with a heavy machine gun and protected by shields. You have two options at this point. Either keep behind cover and slowly push your way forwards as you grind away at the Boss - whilst dealing with the smaller enemies - or ignore the boss until he uses up his supply of minions and then focus on him uninterrupted.

Either way, once he's down, simply eliminate any remaining enemies to complete the mission.

Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint

You'll be up against Rioters this time. Head down the ramp to the car park and clear out the multiple waves. Taking out the sniper on top of the barriers and then assuming his position is a reasonably safe - if slow - strategy here.

Once cleared, head into the tunnel and take out a few more enemies and wait for the JTF officer to arrive. You now need to hold the tunnel while she defuses the bomb, so head back up the slope about halfway - it gives you room to retreat and a safety net if any get past you, but you can also see the enemies as they enter the tunnel.

Once the officer has finished, head inside the garage. When the door blows you'll need to retake the car park and make your way up the ramp to confront the Boss, a rather keen­-eyed sniper. Clear everyone out to end the mission.

Amherst's Apartment

(Note that due to the fight in the final area we don't recommend tacking this solo.)

Head through the gate and take out the Cleaners outside the building. Once safe, head into the basement and follow the markers up the stairs where you'll come across some more Cleaners including an Elite.

Wipe them out, then follow the markers across the ledges and up the fire escape, eventually reaching a window you can climb through. Head up the stairs and search the apartment, then exit through another window onto the roof, keeping an eye out for wandering foes.

Drop down the bit of collapsed roof into the room below and head forwards to the final area. Due to a combination of snipers and area-of-effect flamethrowers this is a tough fight, but after a while an extraction chopper will arrive. While this is good news, it also adds time pressure, as the chopper won't hang around forever so hurry to the rope and interact with it to attach your cargo and then escape to safety before the Boss appears.

He's a sniper, so it's easier to ignore him and deal with the grunts first. He fires infrequently and is easy enough to avoid. Concentrate your fire on him when you're not engulfed in flames. When all the enemies are down, the mission concludes.

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