Here's our second batch of guides to all of the campaign missions available in The Division.

General Assembly

(This is the final Campaign mission and unlocks when all others are completed.)

Collect the explosives, clear the LMB, and then head inside the building. Clear a few more enemies, blow up the wall, and then fight off several batches as you head deeper inside. Once in the courtyard area you can either fight off the LMB that are there or just sprint for the control panel. Once reinforcements are on their way head inside the UN building.

Clear out more LMB - there's likely to be a medic here so deal with him first. Once it's safe activate the Echo then head through the door. Restock, and clear out the soldiers and Boss from the next room. Head towards the assembly room, taking out a couple of soldiers on the way, and Restock if you need it.

In the room itself snipers will take up position above the stage, opposite the entrance, and there will be a couple of medics on hand. Once they're clear, Restock and head for the marker, activate it, and get ready to fight multiple Boss enemies and a handful of regular soldiers. At the marker listen to the JTF officer, and then head outside for the final confrontation against a heavily armed and armoured helicopter.

Warren Gate Power Plant

The Rikers have taken over, and as ever, the mission opens with an area to clear. You can exploit a weakness in the enemy AI here if you fancy - as long as no-one walks through the gate, enemies will not enter aggro state and therefore won't return fire. They'll run about and shout abuse, but you can pick them off from a distance in complete safety.

Once the coast is clear, head inside and follow the markers. There are no enemies until you open the large folding doors. Next, proceed through the building, picking off the small groups of enemies and the lone Elite as you go. Once the explosives are disarmed you'll be under time pressure , and while it's a fairly generous window, you may still want to ignore the enemies in your current location and sprint to the marker.

Clear the area as quickly as possible, turn the valves, and clear the area again before turning the final valve to shut off the countdown. Now head through the doors for a multi-stage fight. There are quite a few environmental hazards in this room that you can use to good advantage to get rid of the three waves of preliminary troops.

After that, you'll face off against a Boss that's a bit more mobile than most: you may need to out-manoeuvre him, rather than simply wear away at him as he walks towards you.

Police Academy

Follow the markers, investigate the clue, and then fight off the wave of incoming LMB troops. Head up the elevator and fight your way through the building, but be careful when you reach the stairwell as enemies will attack from the floor above.

Travel up the next elevator and continue your trek until you reach the gymnasium. Listen to the Echo, then head to the security room and use the computer to trigger the final fight. There's a natural choke point here, but the LMB move quickly and there's a danger of being mobbed, so don't be afraid to fall back to the gym if need be.

Broadway Emporium

This mission takes place in a single area, and simply alternates between fighting waves of Cleaners and moving between mission checkpoints, before culminating in a straightforward Boss fight. There are a few supporting enemies and he's got an oversized flamethrower, but he stops to recharge it a lot and isn't very nimble on his feet - just make sure you keep your distance.

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