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CPL Europe - Quake 3 details

CPL Europe unveil rules and prize details for their debut event in Germany next month

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After a turbulent history which saw three big events being announced and then cancelled one by one, and eventually the whole franchise being shut down and sold on to a new organiser, the all-new CPL Europe is hoping that this time things will go a little smoother. The full details of their debut event, taking place in the German city of Köln next month, have now been announced, including information on the settings and prizes for the Quake 3 tournament.

Sponsored by MPlayer Europe, the Quake 3 tourney will feature 25,000 euros in cash prizes, which is around £15,000 in real money. Not much compared to the big American tournaments, but still one of the biggest prize funds seen in Europe thus far. The games will be played out using Quake 3 v1.17, not the more recent much-maligned "beta" v1.25, which should please most people. The chosen maps are the shaft-dominated Q3Tourney2, rail arena Q3Tourney4 and popular custom map Ztn3DM1 by the great Sten Uusvali. This means that old favourites like Q3DM13 and the map-we-love-to-hate Q3DM6 won't be appearing at the tournament.

For the full details of the event, check the newly opened MPlayer Europe CPL website, where you can find out more and sign up for the event and the various competitions there.

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