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art of rally gets closer to the craziness of 80s off-roading

The Röhrl thing.

It's shaping up to be a decent few months for fans of good old-fashioned arcade racers - Hotshot Racing should be with us shortly, there's an excellent new contender in the shape of Inertial Drift coming out next month (more on that soon!) and we've also got the final release of Funselektor's art of rally due.

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A new trailer for the latter just dropped, showing the progress the small team who previously worked on Absolute Drift have made since we last checked in at EGX last year. There's a new handling model that looks to fold a bit more nuance in, some new backdrops and cars (which look awfully close to their real-life inspirations - it's not hard to make out Imprezas, Intergrales and Renault 5 Turbos amidst that lot) and features such as crowds that dart out of the way, a nod to the nuttiness of fans during rally's Group B era.

The game itself, meanwhile, is evocative of 90s top-down racers such as World Rally, and I can't wait to try it all out for myself. It's due out on PC sometime in the autumn.

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