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Art of Fighting PS2 compilation

Due out Stateside in May.

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SNK's gone a bit compilation crazy of late, with King of Fighters combos, Metal Slug Anthology, and a Fatal Fury still to come. It's not done yet, either, having announced Art of Fighting Anthology just after we left on Friday.

Art of Fighting, which prequels the Fatal Fury titles, threw up a trio of games in the '90s, starting out on the Neo Geo, with the second game appearing across the main 16-bit formats.

Due out this May in the US for PlayStation 2, Art of Fighting Anthology brings together the games' 33 characters, which is probably good news if you're madly obsessed with 2D fighters that look shockingly similar to Street Fighter II.

We won't pretend to be experts, so why not have a flick through the game's extensive Wikipedia entry for all the specifics on fight systems, artists and its relationship with the competition, if you're that way inclined?

Or, look at the pictures.

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