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7 November 2005

FeatureBlizzard on the future

Is a cold wind gonna come and blow us all away?

4 November 2005

31 October 2005

Blizzard courts beta sign-ups

For unannounced game. But is it just the WOW expansion?

28 October 2005

WOW expansion revealed

All sorts of exciting stuff.

27 October 2005

WOW 360 rumour rubbished

By Blizzard, no less.

12 October 2005

New World of Warcraft patch

Download Euro version here.

6 October 2005

WOW addon playable at BlizzCon

More details this month.

29 September 2005

Michael Dell plays WOW

Reckons PC gaming is doing fine.

20 September 2005

Plague strikes under 50s

As in WoW characters.

14 September 2005

FeatureEve Online: 28 Months Later

Who says we're not up to date?

7 September 2005

WoW server issues continue

Blizzard pledges compensation.

5 September 2005

No WoW for consoles

At least not for the time being.

31 August 2005

World of Warcraft expansion talk

Who it's for and what it is?

23 August 2005

ArenaNet offering extreme Guild Wars weekend for fans

Three day PvP special this week.

15 August 2005

22 June 2005

WoW expansion on way

Blizzard says so and everything.

20 June 2005

Child dies as parents play WoW

Police charge Korean couple.

14 June 2005

WOW: Two million subs

Major milestone reached.

13 June 2005

FeatureNo calm in the Blizzard

Paul Sams on World of Warcraft, Starcraft, next-gen, more.

8 June 2005

New WoW battlefields

For hot PvP action.

16 May 2005

Guild Wars

Gilded gold stars all round.

26 April 2005

Guild Wars set for launch

NCsoft's new MMORPG marks a launch day first in the USA and Europe.

25 April 2005

Mythic slams EQII auction site

Station Exchange comes under fire from a chap who doesn't wish he thought of it first at all.

1 March 2005

18 February 2005

World of Warcraft

Got the whole world in his hands +4.

3 February 2005

2 February 2005

6 January 2005

FeatureWorld of Warcraft

We chat to producer Shane Dabiri about the phenomenal response World of Warcraft in the USA, and Blizzard's plans to WOW us further.

29 October 2004

FeatureNCSoft Europe

World-wide web gets more worldly as NCSoft hits Europe.

17 September 2004

FeatureKings of the World

We talk to World of Warcraft producer Chris Sigaty and Blizzard's PR coordinator George Wang about the forthcoming European launch, the stress test, dealing with cheaters, and Blizzard's stylistic approach.

16 September 2004

FeatureWorld of Warcraft

It's Blizzard's first attempt at an MMORPG. Given that it may well be for most of its audience, too, we decided to take a closer look at why World of Warcraft has been capturing the attention of more than just the usual crowd.

4 December 2003

Eve Online for download

460MB, $19.99

27 March 2003

EVE Online hits another milestone

Phase seven of beta testing!

13 May 2002

Everquest, Everquest, Everquest

Sony Online joins E3 announcement stampede

12 December 2001

FeatureWorld of Warcraft

Preview - Blizzard hop on the massively multiplayer bandwagon

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