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Apotheon resembles a 2D God of War styled after ancient pottery paintings

From the studio that brought you Capsized.

Apotheon is the upcoming 2D "Metroidvania" set in ancient Greece by Alientrap, the developer behind the action/platformer Capsized.

The premise is set around an alternate mythos where Hera overthrows Zeus and is taking out her pent up aggression on mortals by scourging them from the earth. As "humanity's last champion" it's your job to stop her by murdering the gods and seizing their powers. Think God of War then, only more open-ended and with less growling.

In addition to a large single-player campaign, Apotheon will also contain online multiplayer, deathmatch and team-based game modes.

The 2D ancient pottery-style art is certainly unique and based on the debut trailer below combat looks pretty fast and frenetic.

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Our Kristan Reed was fond of Alientraps' Capsized, which he awarded an 8/10 in his review.

Apotheon is due next year for PC on Steam.

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