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Apex Legends wolf sighting fuels next hero theories

Before the Lobatomy.

World's Edge has only just been graced by the moody presence of new legend Revenant, but another hero could be arriving fairly soon, as players have spotted a possible hint running about the map.

Shared by the appropriately-named Sheepless Wolf on Reddit, a shadowy canine has been spotted running through the new Harvester area. A slow-mo shot reveals this probably isn't a rogue Wraith - although the hitbox is probably just as small.

I swear to god I saw a dog running around in APEX. I did the best slowmo job I could do. Please someone confirm this. When we went to investigate there was no one up top other than a solo Bangalore hiding. from r/apexlegends

Backing up the mystery sighting, a number of players have also reported hearing distant howling noises. Perhaps they're not just crying wolf.

He saw a dog, I hear a wolf in the distance! from r/apexlegends

So, why is everyone connecting the wolf sighting to a new legend? If you cast your mind back to the season 4 trailer, you may remember a guy in a suit - described as a "conman and thief for hire" - getting absolutely eviscerated by the robot legend as part of a contract killing. Before he dies, however, he gives a wolf statue to his daughter, and we later see her looking up from his corpse with vengeance in her eyes.

A datamine from six months ago revealed the name of an upcoming legend called Loba, which in Portugese translates to "female wolf". She's supposed to be a thief-themed legend, and given all these hints, it's a fair bet she'll be the second legend added in season 4 - perhaps to seek revenge on Revenant for killing her father. Unless Respawn just kills her off like it did with Forge, anyway.

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If you want to run around the Apex map to discover these noises yourself, you'll soon be able to do so in pairs - as the Valentine's day duos event is starting at some point later today. Spotting it in person would certainly throw me for a lupus.