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Apex Legends players warned not to pull poses due to game-crashing bug

[Don't] strike a pose.

Respawn has warned Apex Legends players not to strike a pose following a new bug that is crashing games.

Yesterday, Respawn tweeted to players that it has added a new in-game message to "help cut down on crashes [caused] by animated poses", adding players should "tell [their] friends" and spread the word until a fix rolls out next week.

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"There's currently an issue with animated epic poses which can cause crashes," the message explains (thanks, TheGamer). "We advise you to unequip these epic poses while our team works on a fix. Thanks, Legends!"

"There's no obvious reason - looking at the code - why epic (animated) banner poses should trigger this more often - I never saw this bug in testing, nor did QA, but I know the bug is happening," explained Respawn's "RobotHavGunz" on Reddit. "And I can definitely believe this post - that epic banner poses are triggering this more often, because the bug is with a safeguard to make sure we don't try to run a pose on a character for which it doesn't apply. Maddeningly, it's not 100% [...] it doesn't happen every time. And, again, we had no reports of this during testing."

As yet there's no confirmation as to when, exactly, the fix will go live, so it's probably best you stop posing altogether for now.

Apex Legends' Halloween-themed Monsters Within limited-time event is now live. As Matt summarised for us at the time, Monsters Within's most notable addition is Encore, a brand-new map for Arenas mode that whisks players off to Boreas, the home planet of recently introduced playable character Seer.