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Apex Legends Seer abilities explained and launch skins list

Seer you, space cowboy.

Seer is the latest character to join the Apex Legends roster, and this page explains all of his abilities, alongside tips and launch skins.

Seer is a recon character that debuted during Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence.

He not only brings skins, but also a new array of new abilities to the battlefield, mainly involving the use of micro-drones to reveal enemies' footsteps and even how much health they have left. These, alongside other qualities, make him an interesting option for recon players.

This page outlines Seer abilities and cooldowns in Apex Legends Season 10, as well as all Seer skins that had a debut during launch.

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Cover image for YouTube videoMeet Seer | Apex Legends Character Trailer
Meet Seer | Apex Legends Character Trailer

Apex Legends Seer abilities and cooldowns list at a glance

No character abilities are the same, and Seer's aren't the exception. While he shares some similarities with Bloodhound on paper, he demands for a complete different strategy and planning, which makes him enticing to dive into.

Make sure to watch your step in World's Edge.

Below you'll find an overview of all Seer abilities and cooldowns at a glance:

  • Passive: Heart Seeker
  • Tactical: Focus of Attention (30 second cooldown)
  • Ultimate: Exhibit (120 second cooldown)
  • Recon: Scanning Survey Beacons reveals the next circle's location

Originally, Exhibit had a 90 second cooldown, but a balance update on August 24th increased it by 30 seconds.

For more details about what each of these abilities entails, as well as tips to make the best use or evade them if you're on the opposite team, check our following sections.

Passive Heart Seeker ability explained

Let's start with Seer's passive ability. As the name implies, Heart Seeker lets you detect enemies' heartbeats, pinpointing their location on your weapon's reticle when you're aiming down sight.

The ability works within 75 metres, which is quite a long distance, and heartbeats are displayed in two ways. Once you ADS, you will notice the sensor around the gun's reticle. As soon as people begin to appear in your radar, small cursors will indicate their positions. When they're on sight, the reticle will turn completely orange.

At the same time, you can also hear enemies' heartbeats when aiming down sights, which mixes with the visual aid really well.

A balance update tweaked some of these aspects. The sensor will now take more time to spike for full HP targets, while center circle ellipses have been removed. Field of view has been reduced, as well as the range beyond 75 metres, which is displayed with blue spikes.

You can find a couple tips and useful details below:

  • You can toggle Heart Seeker on and off at any time. Being a passive ability with no cooldown, however, makes it a great addition that is worth making a use of at all times.
  • You can make use of this ability while aiming down sight even if you're unarmed.
  • If the enemy is low on health, the sound of their heartbeats is faster.
  • The closer you get to an enemy, the louder their heartbeats sound.
  • Even though you can't exactly escape from it if you're facing an enemy Seer, it's not a 100 percent clear view, and it's hard to predict where the target will move, which makes the idea of 'lock on' the crosshair on them fairly hard.

Tactical Focus of Attention ability explained

Onto Seer's tactical ability. Focus of Attention summons a swarm of micro-drones that emit a delayed blast that reveals and interrupts enemies, even if they're on the other side of walls.

While this may sound familiar to Bloodhound's Eye of the Allfather ability, it works differently. First, the area of effect has a cylindrical shape that covers 75 metres long and a radius of almost four metres. It no longer deals damage on impact, but does continue to interrupt actions such as revives and the use of items.

Seer's Focus of Attention in action.

Most importantly, as well as revealing enemy locations, it also displays their health bars (shields included) to both you and your teammates, which is a huge advantage when used correctly.

This ability lasts for about eight seconds, and has a 30 second cooldown - all things considered, you will be using it fairly often.

Further tweaks to this ability after a balance update include an increased detonation delay (from 1.4 to 1.6 seconds), as well as a movement penalty while casting.

You can find a couple tips and useful details below:

  • First of all, don't spam the ability! The fairly moderate cooldown may lead you to it more often than not, as well as the sudden rush of hearing gunshots in the vicinity, but you may end up using it sooner than necessary.
  • Speaking of which, timing is key for it at all instances. Sometimes a scan can help you and your team decide whether is worth rushing an opposing team or just run the other way, depending on their current health.
  • Bear in mind that there is a slight delay from the moment Seer begins to cast it to when it's actually deployed in the surrounding area. If you're facing an enemy Seer and see this happening, know that you can dodge it and be safe from the scan.
  • If you hold the tactical button, Heart Seeker automatically activates

Ultimate Exhibit ability explained

Seer's ultimate ability, Exhibit, reinforces the advantages of his abilities and elevates them to new heights when they all come together.

Exhibit summons another swarm of micro-drones, but this time the ability is activated by launching a device at any desired location (similar to a grenade in action). Once it lands on the group, a sphere will be created in a large radius, revealing enemies for as long as they're inside it.

Using your ultimate creates a window of opportunity to recover without anyone sneaking upon the squad.

An enemy counter also becomes available in both you and your teammates' HUDs, indicating how many foes are inside the sphere at the moment. Both their locations and footsteps are displayed during this time.

Even though it will take 120 seconds to recharge (which equals to four uses of Focus of Attention, mind you) this is a powerful ability that can turn the tides of encounters, exposing enemy groups both indoors and outdoors.

You can find a couple tips and useful details below:

  • Similarly to Focus of Attention, it's important to wait for the right moment to use it. If you and your team are being surrounded inside a building, for example, waiting for the enemies to get just close enough is key.
  • Following on the previous tip, your tactical ability can be as useful before as it can be during Exhibit's duration. Knowing whether or not it's worth using your ultimate ability can save you from ending up in disadvantage.
  • Keep in mind that the device can be destroyed. If you're facing an enemy Seer with a full squad, it may be wise for someone to try and hunt it down, as 30 seconds can be a long and decisive time.
  • Players caught in the sphere can counter it by crouching. This will prevent for their locations to be revealed as soon as they manage to stay as is. Of course, Focus of Attention can disrupt the plan, but it's worth keeping in mind.

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Apex Legends Seer skins available at launch

Of course, it wouldn't be a new Apex Legends character without tonnes of skins to unlock.

First off, there is a Seer Launch Bundle that includes a exclusive character skin, as well as a R-99 skin and weapon charm. This costs 4,100 Apex Coins, unless you already own Seer - if so, the price is 2,250 Apex Coins instead.

Aside from the bundle, you'll find an overview of all the Seer skins available at launch:

  • Light Show (Legendary)
  • Plain Sight (Legendary)
  • Afrofuturism (Legendary)
  • Tiger Eyes (Legendary)
  • Fiber Optics (Epic)
  • Daemon Hunter (Epic)
  • Hack the System (Epic)
  • User Friendly (Epic)
  • Heat Sync (Epic)
  • Circuit Breaker (Rare)
  • Bloodline (Rare)
  • Volcanic (Rare)
  • Fire Within (Rare)
  • Kola Nut (Rare)
  • Prowess (Rare)
  • Dire Wolf (Rare)
  • Disruptor (Rare)
  • Snakeskin (Rare)
  • Super Rad (Rare)
  • Unholy Alliance (Rare)
  • King Kente (Rare)
  • Wishbone (Rare)
  • Labyrinth (Rare)
  • Racing Tripes (Rare)
  • Heart of Gold (Rare - included with Emergence Battle Pass)

Have fun during Season 10 Emergence!