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Fans have found a way to fly - sort of - in Apex Legends

More like falling with style.

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's just Eurogamer testing something out in Apex Legends again - except this time, rather than a game ruining issue, this one is pretty fun for everyone involved.

By now, most Apex players are likely to have played with or fought against a Crypto, the new hacker Legend whose abilities revolve around a speedy little drone. This drone has more uses than advertised though - as it turns out, Pathfinder can actually grapple to it, allowing him to fly around the map for a limited amount of time.

We decided to test Pathfinder's new flight capabilities, and it turns out it's fairly easy to get him airborne - it's just not so easy to keep him airborne.

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If you want to give it a try yourself, Emma and I found that having the drone in flight mode before you grapple onto it will usually keep you attached longest. If you get too close or too far away from the drone, you'll ping off like a high tech slingshot - though this worked quite well to launch Pathfinder between buildings, I don't feel it would be all that useful in any kind of fire fight.

Still, if you're trying to get the drop on some enemies, or perhaps make a clutch escape from a risky encounter, grappling onto Crypto's drone could be a viable solution. More extended flight than we managed is possible however, as shown by reddit user Semboni, who manages to stay attached for a good 25 seconds before hurtling to the ground.

You can fly using pathfinder and crypto!! (credit NiceWigg & taxi2g) from r/apexlegends

I wouldn't be surprised if we started seeing more trick shots with this technique pop up on the Apex subreddit (fans of the game have already found ways to make toilet death-traps), there's no end to the experiments players can perform with each Legends' unique abilities.

While we stay on the lookout for more unintentional fun to have in the battle royale, check out some intentional fun Respawn has planned for Apex next week, when the Halloween event begins.

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