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Apex Legends' next hero is Titanfall 2's formidable simulacrum Ash

Full Season 11 reveal trailer coming this Thursday.

Two and a half months after the arrival of Apex Legends' season ten hero Seer, it's time to do the official dance of welcoming once more, as developer Respawn Entertainment formally introduces the free-to-play shooter's next new playable character, Ash.

Ash should be immediately recognisable to fans of Respawn's previous work, given the formidable simulacrum played a prominent role in Titanfall 2 - but should also be familiar to Apex Legends players too, having been restored during Season 5's Broken Ghost quest.

Since then, the character has overseen Apex Legends' Arenas mode, and fans even speculated the animated short introducing season seven hero Horizon (AKA Dr. Mary Somers) was setting up an origin story for Ash, linking her to Somers' treasonous assistant Ashleigh Reid.

Cover image for YouTube videoApex Legends | Stories from the Outlands - “Ashes to Ash”
Apex Legends - Stories from the Outlands.

That speculation, we now know, was on the money, and Apex Legends' official introduction to Ash - which, as usual for new heroes, takes the form of an animated Stories from the Outlands short - shows Reid's transformation into the cold, calculating simulacrum.

Ash - alongside another Titanfall crossover, the C.A.R. SMG weapon - will join Apex Legends as part of its eleventh season, Escape, which is currently expected to launch early in November. Respawn will be sharing a full season reveal trailer this Thursday, 21st October.