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AoE III: Asian Dynasties demo

New expansion. New developer.

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Microsoft has put together a demo for Age of Empires III expansion The Asian Dynasties, which is available now to pop in your bags when the chap with the moustache is looking the other way.

The merchandise bulks out at 612MB, and gives you a couple of missions to tackle as well as a skirmish map to flail around on.

The biggest change in The Asian Dynasties is that it has been created by a different developer. Rather than the familiar face of Ensemble Studios, responsibility this time has fallen to Big Huge Games, the mastermind behind Rise of Nations, who will hopefully give the series the lift it needs.

New features will include Asian civilisations to get to grips with, bringing with them all sorts of new units, history and wonders to build. There have been improvements made to the trading side of things, too, and you should find there are more ways now to win.

Big Huge Games has also added some random map styles to keep things fresh, as well as some remakes of old Age of Empires scenarios to bring about a healthy dose of nostalgia.

Age of Empires III was released in 2005 to a solid if predictable reception, and expanded a year later with WarChiefs.

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