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Anthem adds social space for up to 16 players based on player feedback

Suits you.

BioWare has announced an addition to Anthem: a social space for up to 16 players to hang out in their cool Javelin mech suits.

Named the Launch Bay, it's a separate area from both the game's open world, which you can explore with up to three friends, and your personal hub of Fort Tarsis, which you explore alone.

Lead producer Michael Gamble announced the feature last night on Twitter, but cautioned it would not be available within Anthem's upcoming demo.

Fans have been asking for somewhere to hang out in the game - somewhere like Destiny's Tower, for example. The Launch Bay is Anthem's answer to this - although, at first, it'll just offer up the essentials.

The area will let you tinker with your suit's build and access new contracts to pursue. Otherwise, it's just a stage to check out other people's mech designs and then use your emotes to throw flares at friends.

Anthem is now around a month from launch, and there's a couple of upcoming opportunities to give its demo version a spin.

First, for pre-order owners or anyone with Origin/EA Access, starting tomorrow Friday 25th January at 5pm UK time until sometime on Sunday.

Then, an open-to-all demo from Friday 1st February at 5pm UK time until sometime on Sunday 3rd. Will you mech time to play?