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Animal-splicing tycoon game Let's Build a Zoo unveils Aquarium Odyssey DLC

Out "later this year" on all platforms.

If your animal splicing experiments are starting to feel a bit stale, there's some good news; park management sim Let's Build a Zoo is getting some aquarium-themed DLC later this year, opening up the potential for even more adorable/terrifying creature hybrids in your life.

Let's Build a Zoo, if you've not yet had the pleasure, melds familiar zoo tycoon gameplay - in which the aim is to build and manage an appealing (and hopefully lucrative) park, importing and breeding animals, managing staff, and so on - with a couple of unique twists.

There's a morality system - giving players the choice between maintaining a happy, ethical zoo or turning it into something considerably more dubious - as well as a compelling DNA splicing hook, enabling fearless tinkerers to combine any animals they've acquired into more exotic specimens, like crocoducks, giraffephants, and chickow.

Let's Build a Zoo: Aquarium Odyssey reveal trailer.Watch on YouTube

Last year's Dinosaur Island DLC introduced various new prehistoric tools to play with - including dino DNA to turn into even weirder creatures - and Let's Build a Zoo's newly announced Aquarium Odyssey DLC aims to do something similar, only this with, you know, wet stuff.

Alongside "50+" aquatic creatures - including sharks, whales, manta rays, dolphins, eels, and seahorses - Aquarium Odyssey promises "100+" new shops, decorations, and facilities, seven new enclosures, plus a new story campaign said to last over 20 hours.

There's no release date for Let's Build a Zoo's paid Aquarium Odyssey expansion just yet, but it's said to be coming to PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC "later this year".

To coincide with the DLC announcement, developer Springloaded has temporarily knocked 45 percent off Let's Build a Zoo's usual asking price and released the free Sloths and Spas update across all platforms. Alongside sloths and various quality of life improvements, the update introduces a new Attractions building type - ranging from balloon trips to helicopter getaways - that players will need to build to ensure guests' needs are met.

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