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An official Minecraft cookbook is on the way


If playing Minecraft has ever made you peckish, there's now an official cookbook.

Gather, Cook, Eat! is available now in the US (with a release date of 18th May in the UK) and includes over 40 recipes based on Mojang's blockbuster game.

It caters for all skill levels too, from those looking to make a Baked Potato Bite, to Buried Treasure Pie or even Suspicious Stew.

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The cookbook contains recipes for appetisers, mains, desserts, and also drinks.

The news has been shared in a new Minecraft blog post and includes two sample recipes.

The first is Flower Forest Greens, which takes five minutes and has no cooking time (it is literally just a salad), but the Blocks of Clay Fudge interests me - tasty, blocky morsels of "cream-filled sandwich cookies" in fudge.

Other recipes will include Slimeball Tea: made with macha and tapioca pearls for perfect sliminess; and Torch Shooters: chocolate-and-vanilla-layered crème brûlée.

And if you're wondering what makes Suspicious Stew so suspicious, it's full of mushrooms.

Author Tara Theoharis previously released The Minecrafter's Cookbook, as well as the official Tomb Raider cookbook.

Minecraft: Gather, Cook, Eat! An Official Cookbook is available to pre-order from Amazon UK, priced at £24.99.

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