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Amiibo unlock Mario-themed planes in Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy Plus

UK release date set for next week.

Namco has shown off the Mario-themed planes that you can unlock using Amiibo toys in Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy Plus.

The 3DS-exclusive aerial fighter will launch in the UK next week, on 13th February.

An updated version of the original Assault Horizon Legacy, the new Plus version includes support for the New 3DS' C-button, as well as the aforementioned Amiibo compatibility.

Nintendo's range of NFC figurines can be scanned in via a New Nintendo 3DS or New Nintendo 3DS XL to nab a special version of one of the game's planes that features custom paintwork and stats.

For example, scan in a Mario Amiibo and you'll get a special F-22, tuned for both aerial and ground attacks and decorated with a Mario skin.

Alternatively, scan in a Bowser toy and you'll get an A-10A, a plane that is fittingly known for its powerful ground attacks.

Donkey Kong, Fox, Link, Mario, Peach, Samus, Captain Falcon, Luigi and Bowser toys are all supported - along with Namco mascot Pac-Man.

Nintendo previously said that it would launch an NFC adaptor for the original 3DS, 2DS and 3DS XL models, although has given no recent updates on the peripheral.

See a demo of the lot in action below:

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