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Amazon gives New World players "The Stoic" in-game title and "Waiting" emote for free to make up for terrible launch server queues

Killing time.

Amazon is giving New World players "The Stoic" in-game title and the "Waiting" emote for free to make up for the MMO's terrible launch server queues.

When New World launched last month it exploded in popularity, becoming the fifth most-popular game on Steam of all-time by concurrent players.

But Amazon struggled to cope with the enormous launch numbers, and server queue wait times ballooned.

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As part of New World Update 1.0.3, which came out yesterday, and "to show our appreciation for your patience", Amazon is granting all players "The Stoic" in-game title.

"This title is meant to thank all those who, as the title description states, showed solid resolve in the face of epic wait times," Amazon said in a blog post.

The title is automatically granted to your character, and can be equipped by navigating to the Character menu, selecting the "Bio" tab, and selecting "Change" in the title section of the screen.

There's more: Amazon has also added the "Waiting" emote to the in-game store for free "as an additional thank you". Here's how it looks:

Cover image for YouTube videowaiting...