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Alien: Isolation's Ripley DLC isn't just for pre-orders

Quit griping - it'll be available separately later.

You don't have to pre-order Alien: Isolation to get the extra DLC missions starring the original Alien cast, developer Creative Assembly has now said.

On Wednesday, Sega announced the Last Survivor and The Crew Expendable bonus missions which star Sigourney Weaver and the rest of the 1979 Nostromo crew.

Originally said to be only available as pre-order bonuses, Creative Assembly has now confirmed the missions will also be released at a later date.

"It's genuinely been great to see the reaction to The Crew Expendable and Last Survivor pre-order bonus content we announced yesterday and how excited you all are to re-experience those classic scenes from the original movie with our Alien. It's been absolutely amazing for us at the studio," community manager Nee wrote on the game's official Facebook page.

"However, some of you have been asking if the two pieces of content are only available through pre-order or if we'll be releasing them at a later date as well.

"So, I can confirm today that we do plan to release both Crew Expendable and Last Survivor at a later date and we'll have more details for you guys on that shortly."

See the DLC in action below:

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