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Alan Wake 2 to use Windows Phone 7?

Remedy investigating console-mobile bond.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The way Remedy's talking, Alan Wake 2 could have some nifty Windows Phone 7 crossover going on.

That's assuming of course that the studio's next big console project is Alan Wake 2, and that Microsoft dictates that Windows Phone 7 be used and not iPhone.

Following this morning's Death Rally iPhone/iPad announcement, Eurogamer probed Remedy's head of franchise development Oskari Häkkinen about what the move to mobile really means.

"No," he said, "Remedy is not moving its focus to the iOS platform.

"This is just a fun test case to learn the ropes of the platform and to be able to potentially utilise the mobile screen in the future in our bigger console projects."

"The iPad and iPhone are obviously platforms that have gotten a lot of recognition lately and as developers it's our job to be interested and investigate new and important platforms. Death Rally just turned out to be a natural fit," he added.

Death Rally will be released in March. It's a remake of Remedy's first ever game , which bears the same name.

Alan Wake 2, meanwhile, remains unconfirmed, although job postings at Remedy hint at such a project. Remedy previously revealed to Eurogamer that if the project does go ahead, it will be an exclusive for Microsoft and PC/Xbox 360. Needless to say that Microsoft would prefer such a project to ally with Windows Phone 7 rather than iPhone.

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