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Adorable quick-fire action-RPG sequel Cat Quest 2 coming to consoles later this month

Out on Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

Cat Quest 2, the follow-up to developer The Gentlebros' delightful feline-themed action-RPG, finally has a console release date: it'll be clawing its way onto Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Switch later this month, on 24th October.

Cat Quest 2, which arrived on PC and Apple Arcade at the end of September, retains the same casual-friendly core as its wonderful 2017 predecessor - melding super-streamlined exploration, questing, and combat into a compellingly quick, pun-filled whole - but adds a few welcome new features to the mix.

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, is the addition of playable dogs, but there's also a much-expanded open-world to explore, with the new kingdom of the Lupus Empire offering greater environmental (and aesthetic) diversity compared to the original's rather same-y hues.

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Players can also expect greater dungeon variety in the sequel, new spells and weapons types (including two-handed melee weapons) that bring a touch more depth to the original game's satisfyingly rhythmic smack-and-dodge action, plus two-person co-op for those that prefer to adventure with a friend.

Cat Quest 2 should cost around £12.99 when it comes to Xbox One, PS4, and Switch via their respective digital storefronts on 24th October.