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Activision announces Skylanders Giants

Over 20 new figures and light technology this autumn.

Activision has announced Skylanders Giants, the follow-up to toy/video game hybrid Skylanders Spyro's Adventure.

It introduces over 20 new figures, including super-sized giants and characters featuring light technology. There are also new challenges, a new story and better integration across console, handheld and mobile devices.

Included are eight new figures that are more than twice the size of the main skylanders cast in both physical and virtual form. These are the Giants.

Bright Lights are a set of characters that feature new light technology in the toys that means they light up when near or on the Portal of Power. They have in-game benefits, too.

Elsewhere, there are eight new regular sized skylanders. Every character from the first game is compatible with Giants, with stats and customisations intact.

Expect new arenas, more options in Battle Mode, better Elemental Zones and new Character Challenges.

Skylanders has been a huge success for Activision. According to the Call of Duty publisher, Skylanders was the most successful kids' IP launch of 2011 and the number one best-selling kids' franchise worldwide in 2011.

And, impressively, it was the number one overall new IP launched in North America, according to The NPD Group. In the US it generated the greatest overall single-year sales, inclusive of software and accessories, of any new children's IP.

"Skylanders Spyro's Adventure's success in 2011 validated an exciting idea-that with the right technology, and the creative minds to support it with engaging characters and story, we could define a new model for children's play," said Activision Publishing boss Eric Hirshberg.

"Skylanders Giants marks the evolution of this core concept. We've got super-sized figures, remarkably cool new characters that light up, as if by magic, and more ways to play and explore Skylands than ever before."

Skylanders Giants launches in the autumn. Release platforms are yet to be announced.

First screenshots are below.