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A speedrunner has already beaten The Outer Worlds in just over 30 minutes

A change of space.

Those speedrunners sure work quick - first one of them blasted through Untitled Goose Game in under four minutes just four days after the game's release, now someone has managed to beat The Outer Worlds in just over 30 minutes in just four days too.

The video below shows the current record-holding run by speedrunner Jabo, clocking in at 30 minutes and 54 seconds. Bear in mind that there are some spoilers ahead for The Outer Worlds - though they pass by pretty quickly, they are spoilers nonetheless.

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It's always interesting to see how players exploit big open RPGs like this to get the quickest completion time, though I was horrified when I watched Jabo's run to discover he achieves it by bullying (and, well, murdering) most NPCs he comes across.

He also makes use of the game's perks that give you faster walk and sprint speeds, and impressively defeats a lot of enemies using an early-game pistol and revolver. It is astounding how many enemies you can just run past without them being able to hit you, if they even notice you at all. I'm sure a lot of this is just Jabo making it look easy, though - one of the most impressive parts is right at the end where he beats the final boss in about 14 seconds.

On top of that, the entire run is done glitchless. There aren't any glitches involved in The Outer Worlds speedruns just yet, but this is an Obsidian game, so it likely won't be long until some are discovered and the game is beaten even faster.

If you're still getting started with The Outer Worlds and want a bit of help speeding up your playthrough, our team has been hard at work creating some helpful guides to get you through the missions.

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