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A PSVR kit plus two games is down to £170 for Black Friday

Update: or get Rick and Morty for an extra tenner.

Playstation VR sets have hit an all time price-low in the run-up to this year's Black Friday: you can pick a PS VR bundle up at Currys right now for £170 . Update: for an extra tenner you can get the same bundle at Argos, with tons more stuff and a dash of Rick-ality to boot . Even better, these bundles are customisable: with more games and controllers available for a small additional cost, such as the latest Rick and Morty VR game. Both sets include a headset, a camera and a copy of cute droid based platformer Astro Bot and Playstation VR Worlds - a set of five different VR based experiences that involve sharks, space and crime (surely the usual VR culprits).

With the Argos offering, you can make immense savings with the £235 bundle , which includes a pair of move controllers (which really help things get immersive, although most games will work with a standard PS4 controller) an option between Wipeout, Firewall or Astro Bot, AND a copy of either Rick and Morty: Virtual Rickality or Fruit Ninja VR. The Rick and Morty game in particular, is worth over £35 by itself. Take a look through the different combos to make your dream bundle.

EG's office PSVR has received a recent workout from the excellent Tetris Effect, which got such a glowing review that it might be worth getting a PSVR just to experience it. If that's a bit too trippy, you can also enjoy classics like Skyrim and Doom in glorious VR-O-Vision. Simple to setup and with tons of potential for unique game-play, it's definitely worth nabbing one of these kits while prices are comparatively low if you're curious.

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