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A Plague Tale Requiem bell symbol puzzle solution in Chapter 2

How to put the symbols in the right order.

You need to put the symbols in the right order during Chapter 2 in A Plague Tale: Requiem in order to explore the south tower further and find Magister Vaudin, who can hopefully help Hugo.

Lucas will give you helpful descriptions of the symbols you need to change each bell to, but he’s a little eager, jumping ahead while you’re still trying to find a previous symbol, which can make the puzzle more complicated than it should be.

We’ve detailed the bell symbol puzzle solution at the south tower during Chapter 2 of A Plague Tale Requiem below, so you can get to Magister Vaudin as soon as possible.

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A Plague Tale: Requiem - Story Trailer.

A Plague Tale Requiem bell symbol puzzle solution

To open up the secret entrance at the south tower, you need to solve the bell symbol puzzle by throwing rocks from your sling at each of the four bells until they display the symbols Lucas is describing to you.

So you’re not wasting resources, be sure to only throw the normal stones from your sling, not those covered in Ignifer. You can change the type of your stones by pressing left or right on the d-pad in the weapon wheel if playing with a controller.

From left to right, here’s the the correct symbols you need to display to solve the bell puzzle:

  • Bell 1 - Jupiter’s symbol, looks like a 'Z' or a '3'.
  • Bell 2 - It’s a shield crossed by a spear, a circle with a line going through it.
  • Bell 3 - Shaped like a necklace, a circle with a line below it
  • Bell 4 - A staff with two snakes intertwined, an overlapping circle with a line below it.

If you prefer looking at the symbols, here’s bell 1 and bell 2, located to the left of the sun in the middle:

And here’s bell 3 and bell 4, located to the right of the sun in the middle:

Amicia will react when she turns the bell to the correct symbol, indicating you should move on to the next one.

Once all four bells are turned to their correct symbols, the door on the left will unlock, and you can explore the south tower further in your search for Magister Vaudin.

Good luck with the rest of Chapter 2!

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