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A Hades Zagreus figurine is "coming soon"

Supergiant has partnered with Good Smile to create the new merch.

Hades' Zagreus is being immortalised as a figurine.

Developer Supergiant made the announcement over the weekend, confirming that its partnering with Good Smile, which has previously crafted fan-favourite figures from games like Persona.

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"We're really looking forward to seeing Zagreus brought to life in figurine form, especially knowing he'll be in the capable hands of Good Smile, who've crafted so many of our favorite figures!! Stay tuned for more details on this project down the line," the developer said via a tweet on the company's official Twitter account.

Sadly, neither the developer nor the manufacturer offered much else about the collectible beyond it's "coming soon" - we don't even get a work-in-progress sneak peek - but we'll keep an eye out and let you know as/when that changes.

ICYMI, a PS4 listing for Hades was recently spotted on the website of Korea's Game Rating and Administration Committee.

If you're wondering what all the fuss is about, Eurogamer's Hades review is a great start. Donlan awarded the game an Essential badge, and Hades eventually walked away with Eurogamer's 2020 game of the year award.

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