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A fix for Splatoon 3 connection issues is on its way

Update inkcoming.

Nintendo is working on a patch to addresss Splatoon 3's connection issues.

Splatoon 3 is being enjoyed worldwide, topping the UK boxed charts and smashing the record for the best Switch game launch in Japan.

Unfortunately, some fans have been unable to join ink with the fun thanks to a number of connection issues.

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Numerous players have taken to social media reporting connection issues preventing them from joining matches, kicking them mid-match, and even losing progress in the single-player story campaign.

A day after launch, the Japanese Twitter account for Splatoon 3 has posted an announcement sharing that Nintendo was aware of the connection issues currently impacting the game. "We will release an update including bug fixes for connection issues that are causing errors in modes such as Salmon Run," the tweet reads in Japanese.

For players experiencing the issue on start-up, where the screen goes black, Nintendo has suggested the following steps:

  1. Put your Switch in airplane mode.
  2. Start up Splatoon 3 and go to Splatsville.
  3. Turn off airplane mode when in Splatsville.
  4. Go to the lobby.

The above method may or may not work, but is meant only as a temporary workaround whilst Nintendo works on a more permanent fix.

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