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A change of role for Christian Donlan

Here's a thing.

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Hey everyone. As mentioned earlier in the week, our lovely features editor Christian Donlan is soon to be Eurogamer features editor no more. He's leaving that role - but his words will still be staying on the site.

From Monday, Christian - or just "Donlan" to all of us - will move to a freelance writing position, with regular articles for Eurogamer most weeks. He'll also have a new title, of Contributing Editor.

The move has been in the planning for a while (so is nothing to do with more recent changes) and is entirely to make sure Donlan has more time in his life for other things, including family. You can hear him chat more about it all in the next Inside Eurogamer podcast, which should be landing for Supporters very soon.

For now, what this means for readers is fresh Donlan articles still on Eurogamer, despite the change. And for us, it's a moment to simply thank Donlan - for the care and dedication he puts into everything he writes, as well as those he works with, for his time and effort in bringing new voices to Eurogamer's pages, and for a decade of brilliant words - with many more to come.

Thanks as always for reading, and I'll leave with you a note from Donlan himself.

"Hello! I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone. I've enjoyed working at Eurogamer so much, and it's been such a privilege to work with and learn from such kind, generous, brilliant staffers and freelancers. Thank you to everyone, and most of all the Eurogamer readers for putting up with me for so long. I'll still be freelancing for Eurogamer - apologies to those for which this is disappointing news - as well as a few other places, and I'm excited and nervous to be getting on with things. Much love to you all. Be safe and all the best."

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