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Do you have any questions for Inside Eurogamer?

Discussing IGN ownership, Summer Game Fest, and Donlan.

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We're recording a brand new episode of the behind-the-scenes podcast Inside Eurogamer tomorrow, which is exclusively for Supporters, and I'm here to ask if you have any questions we can answer in it.

Remember, you can support Eurogamer for just £3/€3/$3 a month, or £30/€30/$30 a year, which works out cheaper. The Inside Eurogamer podcast is only one of the exclusive things you get, in addition to an advert-free version of the website, Five of the Best, the Let's Get Evil series of adventures (also known as Bertie's Evil Adventures, mwahaha), and Game of the Week. Yearly supporters can also enjoy the occasional key giveaway; the most recent was for The Banished Vault.

This month is a big one on Inside Eurogamer. Now that we officially have a new owner in IGN, and some of the dust has settled, we can talk about it. We can tell you what we know about the future of Eurogamer and, I hope, put some of your minds to rest. Bear in mind it's still early and there are things we don't know, but we'll do our best to answer what we can. Editor-in-chief Tom Phillips will be with us to take questions.

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