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LAN gamers get girls

... custom maps and voice-chat.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Hot on the heels of the most entertaining video clip involving cute children you'll come across on the internet, we're proud to present another amazing musical clip. Except this time it's possibly the best video involving Eurodance DJs who sing about playing LAN parties on custom Warcraft III maps that you'll come across on the internet.

Vi sitter i Ventrilo och spelar DotA (which means something like "we're sitting on Ventrilo playing DotA") is a follow up to Swedish musician Basshunter’s massive pan-Scandinavian hit Boten Anna, and is taken from the same album, LOL <(^^,)>.

While his previous hit told the story of a female IRC user who's mistaken for an IRC bot, his latest opus features lyrics that refers to the custom Warcfart III map DotA, and voice-chat software called Ventrilo. The video contains (frankly) unlikely scenes of LAN gamers cracking open some bubbly and partying on with mini-skirted blondes. Apparently the music was made using the program Fruityloops.

There'd probably be something amusing to add here, if we weren't lost for words.

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